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Dear visitor,


Since our website is not yet full operational we give you this brief information.


Our goal group are 2nd stage manufacturers who need support in taking véhicule measurments, preparartion of homologation files and their submission in Bevasys (only Dutch/French).


example : light commercial vehicles (M1>N1;N1); trucks (N2,N3), special purpose vehicles (ladder vehicles, crane vehicles, Motor Caravan, ambulance,...)


our assets :


  • more than 20 years homologation experience
  • close contacts with the Fedral Public Service, Goca and various federations (Febiac, Federauto,Febelcar)
  • close contacts with the various first stage manufacturers
  • personal approach


If you have an urgent question or if you have an interest in a possible future cooperation, please feel free to contact us.


Best regards,



Bart Lahaye



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